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How To Build Brick Patio Floors

If youíve ever wondered about how to build brick patios for your home, you probably think that itís out of your skill levels. But there are instructions on how to build brick patios for homes that are intended for novice builders, so itís something that you can probably accomplish over the weekend with the least possible difficulty. If you build something like this, youíll not only be able to impress your friends, you can also enjoy having a nice patio for your afternoon coffee or have lunch out in your garden.

How to build brick patio foundations

Unlike a wood patio, which can drain water, between its slats, youíll want to have a slight slope on your brick patio, so that water can have a runoff route. You can find instructions online on how to build brick patios from the ground up, which is exactly what youíll be doing.

The first step on how to build brick patio foundations is to dig up the ground on which youíll be laying your bricks. As stated before, a slight slope is necessary during this stage for water runoff. Check with a level every foot to make sure that the ground lowers ľ inch every foot or so away from the house.

How to build brick patios is also involved in all the stuff between the bricks on top and the foundation ground on the bottom. Youíll also need to fill the foundation layer over with gravel and lay down landscape fabric as well to prevent weeds from growing in between the bricks. After all that, youíll be pouring sand over the surface before you lay the bricks for the final layer.

During all those steps on how to build brick patio foundations and floors, youíll need to be accurate about the brick laying as well, so youíll have to set up a perimeter and probably test-fit the bricks a few times as well to make sure that everything will go smoothly and you donít have to repeat steps over.

The final steps on how to build brick patios is to actually lay down the bricks for the last time, then put some sand between the brick cracks, so that all spaces are filled. Youíll also have to hose it down a bit so that everythingís settled firmly on the ground and all you have left to do is to wait for it to dry so you can enjoy your new patio.

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