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How To Build A Paver Patio Yourself

Many home projects seem like they can be a difficult task to complete, but if you go into the project with a positive attitude and a plan, you can easily build a paver patio this weekend, weather permitting :-)

Choosing Your Materials

If you build a paver patio, you will not only update the look of your yard, but you will have a place to dine and entertain outdoors. The best place to start is with the stone that you will be using. You can get a variety of different kinds of stone to build a paver patio, and they also come in different colors. The easiest choice for a do-it-yourself project is to buy the stones that can interlock with each, but still create the look of a random pattern so that the paver patio looks like it was made of a natural stone.

Building the Patio

First, you will need to clear away the area where you plan to build a paver patio. Make sure that all debris such as gravel rocks, or brick are cleared away. Then, you will need to steak out the patio boundaries. This will determine how much material you will need in order to build a paver patio.

Once the area is staked, remove 3 inches of the soil throughout the entire area. This allows for the depth of the stone plus levelling sand. Make sure the soil is flat and firm, then remove some more of the soil to create a slope. This will make sure that water is running away from the house.

Next add an inch of levelling sand so that the patio will become more stable. Now you are ready to position your paver stones. When you begin you will need to make sure that the first few stones create a perfect 90-degree angle. This will establish the angle for the rest of the patio. After the first three or four stones are in, you are ready to cut and lay the rest of the stones in your patio. The last thing you will need to do is fill the spaces between the edging blocks and the pavers with pea gravel. If the area is large, put down weed cloth first.

It doesn’t take any time at all to build a paver patio. And once you are done, you will have a beautiful patio that will last a lifetime for you and you family.

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