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How To Build A Flagstone Patio

Have you given any consideration to building a flagstone patio? Ok, you might attempt to quickly dismiss this question because you assume that the process entails a lot of hard work. Well, honestly, there is some hard work involved since manual labor will be required. However, if you definition of "hard work" infers a high level of complexity to the building process then you might be surprised to know that while the ability to build a flagstone patio is not a "no brainer" it is no where near as difficult as some would initially assume. In fact, if you actually look at the steps regarding how to build a flagstone patio.

Masonry Items

Since the ability to build a flagstone patio involves the somewhat complicated process of "curving" bricks the need for masonry tools will be required. If you do not possess these particular tools then you will need to acquire them. Also, if you are completely unfamiliar with masonry work you will definitely need to call in a little help in order to be able to build a flagstone patio. But just because you may lack a little familiarity on the subject does nor mean you will not be able to get the hand of things so do not get discouraged if this area prove a little difficult.

The Site

While there will be exceptions one of the most important aspects of building a flagstone patio will center on selecting a flat site. Uneven sites will prove difficult to build on and might even yield an extremely undesired effect. As such, selecting a flat region or taking the steps to thoroughly flatten out an area in advance is required in order to build a flagstone patio.

Digging and Building

As with any other patio building venture the need to dig out the area is critical. Usually, digging six inches to a foot deep will be sufficient. Once the excavation is finished it is then necessary to create the foundation. This involves building the footings. Without reliable footings the ability to build a flagstone patio will be greatly hampered.


The next steps involve building the walls. The first wall that should be built is the straight wall. Once this foundation is built adding the curved dimensions should be performed. When this is finished then your journey to build a flagstone patio will be complete. While the process may have complexities these complexities are not difficult to circumvent.

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