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Build A Stone Patio In Your Garden

If you want to build a stone patio in your yard, you will need to begin with a plan, a set of tools, and the proper materials needed to build stone patios or walkways in your yard, front or back.

Build Stone Patio

First, you will need to have the proper tools. The tools you will need are a garden rake, measuring tape, heavy hammer, metal hoe, filter fabric, carpenter’s level, gardening shovel, and crushed stone. You can also you gloves if you prefer.

To begin to build stone patio, you will first need to dig out the earth from the area that you will be placing the stone. Six inches deep is the common depth, but you should dig a little further for colder climates. Make sure to set edging around the area. This will make the area retains the sand.

Next, you will want to lay down weed fabric in order to prevent weed from growing up through the stone, but this step is completely optional. After that, you will need to fill the areas with crushed stone. This will go three or four inches deep. Use a damp grout to set the stones. Then tamp it down to two or three inches from the top.

To begin laying the stone, you will need to start in one corner of the area. You will first need to lay the pattern along one side, then work towards the opposite side. Leave a half inch gap between the stones. Try to also avoid line of continuous joints. Tamp down the stones so that they are level and then turn each stone upside down and wet the bottom, Then pour the cement down. Level the stone again. The finished patio will need to set overnight. The next morning, fill in the joints with a sand and cement mixture. Make sure to not touch the joints until the joint compound in completely set.

The way to build stone patio or walkways around your home is easy if you are patient and take the time to do the job right. If you build stone patios around you home, you will enhance the look and feel of your home, and you can find many different uses for it, from entertaining to dining outdoors. It will add value to your home and will let other people know how much you care about the look and feel of your yard.

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