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How To Build A Raised Paver Patio

The popularity of patio pavers has traveled across the globe. Whether you are in America or in Europe or in Asian Countries, you'll see houses built with these beautiful raised spots inside their homes. Since a patio paver is durable, strong, and affordable, they are opted choices by those families who want to have a leisurely place inside their homes.

Patio pavers are really available in a wide variety of paving options; they are reasonably priced and the materials are definitely not hard to find. However, if you have a tight budget and you couldn't afford to pay extra men to do the building for you, you can definitely do it yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to build a raised paver patio.

How To Build A Raised Paver Patio: The Materials

First off, you have to gather all the materials you need. They can be found greatly on hardware stores within your vicinity. They would comprise the following: pavers, square shovel, pavers sand, steel tine rake, Mason's cord, four wood stakes, 25foot measuring tape, 2" x 4" boards, 4" x 4" tamper or square post, workmen's gloves, rubber mallet, level, and a brush or broom. When you have gathered all these, you can proceed to the first step on how to build a raised paver patio.

How To Build A Raised Paver Patio: The Steps

Before even touching your materials, decide on the size and shape that you want to know how to build a raised paver patio that's perfect enough to suit your desires.

Outline the size and shape using the larger materials. You can gauge the area through your tape measures. Since you are planning on a raised paver patio, dig in the patio site through your square shovel. You have to shovel at least four inches in depth.

To make the ground smooth, use your tine rakes. Compact the area using the tamper once you are satisfied with a flat ground. Place your pavers in the overall size of the patio; make sure they fit in the space that you have cleared. Once you've confirmed a measurement, start removing the pavers.

Lay a 2-by-4 horizontally on the ground to make sure that you have enough ground space for your drainage; it should always be higher to accommodate flow of water to the drainage. Spread the sand and pavers all across your marked area. Once again, compact your sand to make it to make it look even on the ground. Using your 2-by-4, smooth the area right before putting your pavers.

Use the level to keep on checking if your pavers are leveled or sloped in the direction from the house. Put all the pavers starting at the nearest point of your house and going outwards in direction. Sand should be poured over your pavers and use the brush to drive the sand toward the spaces. Add sand little by little to the spaces as rain or water will tend to wash the sand away.

You can ask for advice from the hardware stores to know more on how to build a raised paver patio. Books can also be in great availability in case you're planning to build complex patios. If you are already into constructing, then building a patio would definitely be easy for you.

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