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Patio Heaters

A patio heater is perfect for those times when the party is in full swing but the sun is setting fast.

Patio heaters come in all shapes, designs and sizes and are fuelled by propane, natural gas or electricity.

Expensive heaters can throw out heat to a radius of more than 20ft but it may be more economical for you to buy a couple of smaller heaters.

This style of heater is the most popular design. Because it throws out heat in a circle it should be positioned centrally on your patio. Positioned on the edge as shown is a waste of money and the owner would have been better purchasing a Quartz Patio Heater that can be mounted to the wall just to the left of the patio door. This would direct the heat to where it is needed instead of keeping the flowers warm.

You can also get Table Top Patio Heaters and another option is to use an outdoor fireplace as your heat source.

You will find lots of patio heaters in our online store.

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