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Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Patio

Outdoor fireplaces are relatively new but they are catching on fast. Adding one to your patio will create a focal point to your outdoor space. If you've ever sat under the stars around a camp fire then you will know how amazingly relaxing an outdoor fire can be.

A built in outdoor stone fireplace can run into $1000's and a fire pit can cost under $100 so there is something to suit all budgets.

If your budget allows go for cast aluminum. An aluminum fireplace won't warp or rust and is a lot lighter than cast iron which means you can easily move it if the wind changes direction or store away your fireplace during winter months. Copper look great to start with but needs a lot of maintenance. They soon go green if you don't clean after every use.

A Chiminea fireplace can be in clay, aluminum or cast iron. We wouldn't recommend clay as it doesn't tend to weather well or react to temperature changes so the life span is very short.

Another option for an outdoor fireplace is a Fir Pit. They give a campfire effect and have the added benefit over a chiminea of radiating heat in a complete circle rather than just forward.

However there are safety issues. You should always keep fire pits well away from your home and never set one up on wooden decking. If the wind suddenly gets up, hot embers are going to be flying around both the neighbors and your garden.

Also, because the fire pit design does not have a stack they can cause smoke problems in the slightest of breezes. If your patio is in a corner of your garden and any breeze tends to swirl around you should give fire pits a miss.

Take extra care when using any outdoor fireplace and consider your neighbors.

You will find lots of choices for your outdoor fireplace in our Online Store.


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