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Build your own Barbeque

A permanent barbeque built in brick can become a feature of your patio. Its biggest advantage over a portable BBQ of course, is that you don't need somewhere to store it and it won't "walk away" while you are on vacation!

You can buy charcoal trays and grills from most DIY stores and you will need to get these before you build so you know the size to build.

If you are building on a concrete patio then you don't need to worry about a base. If not, dig out a rectangle about 6" wider on all sides than your proposed barbecue size.

Make it 9" deep and solid underfoot. If its still loose soil you will have to go deeper and replace the access with hardcore. Fill with 6" of concrete and level it with a wooden float.

Work out your brick courses by laying dry first. Once you are happy with the design of your barbeque, mix some mortar in a wheelbarrow and start laying your bricks.

Only plumb the outside corners and ends, don't worry about the inside. Bricks are not always identical in size which is why you can only plumb one side.

If this is your first attempt at bricklaying, read this excellent article. DIY bricklaying.

Check the top for level after every course and take your time. Don't worry too much about the quality of your brickwork as a rustic look adds character to the garden.

Point the joints after every 2 or 3 brick courses by either cutting surplus mortar off with your trowel for a flush finish, raking the mortar out to a depth of about half an inch (13mm) or use a piece of hosepipe or copper pipe and rub the joints for a concave look.

Once you are up to the height of your charcoal tray you need to place some strips of metal between the bricks and protruding out for the tray to sit on. I use galvanized brick ties for the job.

3 evenly spaced along the back of the brickwork and 2 each on the return brickwork.

Add 2 more courses and put more ties in as above to hold your barbeque grill. Build another 3 or 4 courses up to act as a wind break and you are done.

Building your own barbeque is a great weekend project. In fact, do the digging and put the foundation down on a Friday after work, build on Saturday and enjoy some great outdoor cooked food on Sunday!

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